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Preschool Dance Level I:  (Ages 2-3) and Preschool Dance Level II (Ages 3.5-4.5)

Our preschool dance classes explore rhythm, song, body awareness, locomotor movement, and creative expression. Exercises are geared to the developmental needs of preschoolers. Includes creative movement, tumbling, and beginning ballet.  Tap is introduced in Preschool Dance II.  Rhythms and gross motor skills are developed through beginning tap dancing.

Petite Feet Performance Prep (Ages 4-5)

A continuation of the Preschool Dance curriculum except on a faster pace.  This class is perfect for those young ones who demonstrate a love of dance from the very start and enjoy the performance aspect of dance and music! 

Dance Combo Classes:  (Grades K-6)

This beginning to intermediate level jazz/hip hop and tap combo class is where dancers will begin to learn more control and technique for dance.  The combination style provides students with a strong introduction to two basic genres of dance. 

Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Each weekly ballet class will focus on exercises to build, strengthen, and train the muscles for ballet dance.  Class work is done at the barre and in the center.  Weekly class will also include combinations that take you across the floor, making this class fun and challenging.  Our progressive syllabus promotes proper technique, placement, turn-out, flexibility, musicality, and performance.

Ballet I (Grades K-1/Mini Level)

Budding ballerinas are introduced to ballet barre and center floorwork. Strength, flexibility, and agility are goals in this class. One to two years is spent at this level as the syllabus grows to include basic barre work, body directions, small and large jumps, preparation for pirouettes and a better understanding of musicality.

Ballet II 

One to two years is spent at this level, stressing turn out, extension and jumps adding more center floor work and beginning pointe. Coordination of head and arms continue as does ballet history and musicality. A student's stretch, strength and grace at this level begins to develop.

Ballet III-V (Grades 7-12/Senior Level)

Includes more difficult barre and floor combinations including beats, pirouettes, petit and grand allegro and advanced progressions. Dancers are expected to perform more technically and emotionally proficient as they progress through the levels.  Ballet en pointe may be recommended based on the student's strength and ability.   

Ballet en Pointe

For intermediate to advanced dancers, 11 years or older. Dancers perform in pointe shoes while learning ballet combinations and proper pointe technique. They will also learn variations from the classics and other famous ballets.  Enrollment in ballet en pointe is by invitation or audition only. 

Lyrical Dance 

Lyrical dance is a combination of the beauty of ballet with the expressive abilities of modern and jazz. Generally, lyrical is done to more contemporary music. It is designed for intermediate and above dancers who have experience in both dance forms.  Strong and passionate; lyrical helps connect the dancers to true feelings while dancing. Three years of prior ballet training required.  Students without the three years ballet training will need to enroll in a ballet technique class in order to enroll in lyrical. 


Jazz technique coordinates with the ballet program promoting grace, flexibility of movement, coordination of heads, arms, jumps and turns. Classic jazz movements including isolations, stretching, turns, leaps, patterns and combinations are taught at each level appropriate to age and skill. Contemporary music is used and an evolving sense of rhythm and body awareness is illustrated through modern across the floor and dance combinations

Tap (Grades Preschool II-Adults)

A true American art form and an absolute “must” for those students with musical theater aspirations! Tap is the fusion of percussion, dance, rhythm, and speed.  Basically, tap is like making music with your feet! Tap focuses on timing and rhythm, balance and coordination. Beginning through advanced tap technique in several styles including hoofing and classical rhythm tapping. Dancers are taught the use of heads, arms, kicks, and turns to enhance tap rhythms and styles at each level appropriate to age and skill.

Broadway Jazz Dance Productions

Nail that next audition; be confident with your dancing! This class gives you the technique and skills you will need to help land that leading role.  This is not your typical dance class! Students will spend time exploring character development and emotions through jazz and social dancing, and how it relates to character development.  Perfect training for older beginning dancers or even experienced dancers who want to be more confident and compelling onstage!

Hippity-Hop, Hip Hop & Street Jazz (Grades K-12)

Bring your swag to the floor! The ultimate in fun and fitness! An evolving combination of rhythmic isolations, jumps and turns done to current music and rap sensations.  High energy and intense! Only age appropriate movements, music and costuming will be permitted.  Students in grades K-1 should enrol in "Hippity Hop". 

Adult Dance Classes

Why should the kids have all the fun?  We offer classes for adults in Tap (beginner and intermediate levels) and Adult Musical Theatre Dance!



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